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About the API blog:

API is regularly referenced as a social media thought leader and has been honored multiple times, including:

  • “Best of the Blogs” by
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About the blogger program:

Does travel writing, photography, and/or videography strike your fancy? If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to share your overseas experiences with the world while receiving professional training & feedback, the blogger program is for you.

Who makes a great blogger?

We’re looking for creative, passionate individuals to contribute blog posts while abroad with API. Click here to read posts from our current bloggers!

Benefits of becoming a blogger:

  • Excellent resume builder
  • Exposure to thousands on the API blog & social media profiles
  • Opportunity to build travel blogging skills through professional feedback

Testimonials from former bloggers:

“Writing for API helped me gear my writing towards a wider audience. Not only did working as a blogger help me improve as a writer, but traveling with API in general helped me grow as a person, transitively having a positive influence on my writing.”

“The advice and feedback I received was positive, constructive, and very helpful. Not only did the feedback help me improve my writing but it also helped me think of other ideas and topics to explore in the future.”

“Thanks to the API Blogger Program, I was able to experience my time abroad in a different way from other students. I was given the opportunity to recall my experiences and research ways to do it better. Thanks to the program, I believe I can experience traveling in the most affordable, and interesting, way.”