How to Study Abroad with API


What’s Next?

After completing the online application form and submitting the $150 deposit, students will be directed to complete the supplemental application components in their @api account. An application is not considered complete until all components are received. All programs require an Official Transcript, a Letter of Recommendation and the University Contact Information Form. Some programs may also require additional components, which students will see listed in their @api account.

Admission Requirements

  • Students must be 18 years old by program start date.
  • GPA requirements vary by program, with 2.5 being the minimum GPA required for the majority of API programs. Students must also be in good academic standing at their U.S. university. Students applying with a GPA below the required will be considered on a case-by-case basis; these applicants must submit 2 letters of recommendation and a statement of explanation.
  • Complete and return the application  and submit all required application components.
  • Check with your Study Abroad Advisor or school Registrar (whichever is applicable) for credit approval in advance (if necessary).
  • Mail application components to:

Academic Programs International 301 Camp Craft Road, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78746-6501

Special Considerations for Non U.S. Citizens

API university programs require advanced or native proficiency in English. We are happy to consider any international applicants who are university degree-seeking students in the United States or Canada. API will also consider students from non-English speaking countries on a case-by-case basis. In the event that API cannot properly evaluate a student’s academic credentials or verify the applicant’s English proficiency, admission into an API program may be denied with a full refund of program fees.

Note: API’s ability to advise non-U.S. citizen regarding visa procedures is limited. International applicants are advised that they will generally need to work with the host country’s consulate located in their country of origin to solicit a student visa or entry permit.


Please note that the application deadline varies per program. Intensive two-week and month long program applications (France, Spain) are accepted on a rolling admission basis. The application and payment deadlines follow. The payment deadlines are when FULL PAYMENT and all FORMS MUST BE RETURNED. (Late applications are accepted on a space available basis. A $180 late fee will be charged to all late applicants.) After acceptance, students will receive a Letter of Acceptance, a Letter for Visa Application (if applicable), and several other forms which must be completed and returned by the specified payment DEADLINE for your program.

Admission Policy

  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. In some cases, this may mean that certain courses or housing options may fill prior to the official application deadline. Late applications are considered on a space-available basis and incur an additional $180 late application fee. 
  • The minimum G.P.A. for a given program varies based upon the requirements of the host institution. Students who wish to apply with a G.P.A. lower than the stated minimum are considered on a case-by-case basis. Preference is given to those students who have an upward trend in their G.P.A., demonstrate considerable dedication to studying the language of the host country, or whose G.P.A. was negatively affected by one or two particularly difficult courses. All applicants with low G.P.A.s are required to submit two letters of recommendation and a statement of explanation.


  • API advises students to APPLY EARLY. API also urges all students to discuss the following payment policies with their home university before applying to study abroad. In certain instances, a student’s home university may assume some or all of the program fees, including the application deposit and/or the confirmation payment.