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Leaving Rome

This post comes to us from Christopher Moore. Christopher is currently studying Art History in Rome, Italy. He is studying abroad with API from Emmanuel College. It’s the final week. I’m in my apartment in Rome and looking out the window at the courtyard of my apartment building with its palm trees and plants. Amidst [...]

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API Financial FAQs

How do I pay API?

API accepts checks, bank draft/ACH, credit cards, money orders, and direct billpay. Accepted students can make payment to API directly through their @api account. API cannot take any payment over the phone.

To pay by check or money order:

Make checks and money orders payable to Academic Programs International and send to API’s Austin address. Each check should include your full name and API account number. Money orders MUST include your full name.

To pay by bank draft/ACH:

Log in to your @api account and click “Make a Payment” (located on the Payments tab) and submit a bank draft/ACH payment electronically – OR – complete the form found on page 2 of the billing statement (forms must be submitted via fax or email). There is no fee to pay by bank draft. Payments are processed through a secure online account and bank information is destroyed after the payment has been entered. New payments will require the form be re-submitted.

To pay by online billpay:

This must be done through your bank account. You must log in to your online bank account, add API to the Payee List with the Austin mailing address, and enter your API account number when prompted for an account number.

Credit card payments:

If you wish to pay by credit card instead of one of the methods above, you may pay with a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. This method involves a convenience fee of 2.9%, if the card is non-U.S. then the 4.5% is applied instead of the 2.9%. To pay by credit card, log in to your @api account and click “Make a Payment” (located on the Payments tab) and submit a credit card payment electronically – OR – complete the form found on page 2 of the billing statement (forms must be submitted via fax or email). Payments are processed through a secure online account and card information is destroyed after the payment has been entered. New payments will require the form be re-submitted.

Can I pay online?

Yes. Students will submit their initial application deposit through the API website when they submit their initial application. After acceptance, students will then be able to make additional payments to API through their @api account.

Is sending a payment form via fax or email secure?

Yes. API has a secure email server and a secure email address ( to accept your forms. Faxed forms are also safe and are only viewed by the appropriate staff members at API.

How do I know if API has received my payment?

Once API receives payment, it takes 1-2 business days to make the deposit, and an additional 2-3 business days for the payment to be applied to your API account. Please be patient as API processes your payment, and remember that your bank account will be the very first place where your payment is reflected.

Where can I get a copy of my billing statement?

Billing statements are emailed and mailed to your billing contact email and mailing addresses once a month. You can request additional billing statements by contacting API Financial Services. Post-acceptance, you can refer to your @api account for balance details.

Why must I pay everything before the program start?

API makes all arrangements for you well before your arrival onsite. First, to secure quality housing, API must often pay housing fees for the full program session a minimum of 60 days prior to the program start date. Second, tuition deposits and fees are often required to enroll you at your host university. Third, in order to reserve transport and lodging for API orientation programs and excursions, many reservations must be paid in advance. As a result, API must collect all fees prior to the start of the semester.

Are any parts of the program optional? Will I receive a price deduction if I choose to opt out of these things?

It is possible to opt out of certain portions of your program, and it’s possible that you will receive a deduction if you choose to do so. However, API never recommends opting out of any part of your program, at risk of not being able to get the most out of your experience abroad.

If you wish to opt out of some part of your program, you will need to discuss it with your program manager as soon as possible.

Does API offer payment plans?

API makes all your program arrangements on your behalf prior to the program start, and, as such, cannot grant extended payment plans.

Does API charge late fees?

API charges a one-time late fee of $180 if a payment is not received by the due date. A one-time late fee of $30 will be charged for each post-acceptance form that is not received by the due date.

Can I use my financial aid to pay for my program?

API accepts all forms of financial aid and will adjust your payment schedule based on the disbursement dates of your financial aid awards, provided your home university has completed and returned a finalized Financial Aid Verification Form (FAVF) to API by your final payment deadline. Any amount not covered by your financial aid, any additional fees such as housing supplements, and the security deposit are also due by your final payment deadline.

Please refer to the API and Financial Aid section of this website for a more comprehensive explanation of using your financial aid to pay for your API program.

Does API offer scholarships or financial aid?

API awards more than $400,000 in scholarships every year. To apply for an API scholarship, you must submit a scholarship application (found on this website), essays, and a letter of recommendation in addition to the one you submitted with your original API application. You must already be accepted into an API program in order to apply for one of our scholarships.

API can also recommend external scholarships. A list of these opportunities can be found on the scholarship page of this website.

API accepts all forms of financial aid, but does not offer financial aid.

What if I need/want to withdraw from my program?

If you need to withdraw from your program, you will need to alert your program manager, in writing, as soon as possible. It is possible that program arrangements have already been confirmed on your behalf, and you will still be responsible for making payments to API for these arrangements. Please refer to the Withdrawal Policy section of this website for more details.

API offers Program Withdrawal Safeguard (PWS) for its participants as an optional service. PWS is designed to safeguard program participants’ financial investment in their study abroad experience in case of program withdrawal for any reason. Please refer to the PWS section of this website for more details.

Will I get my $150 application fee refunded if I’m not accepted into the program?

The $150 application deposit is refunded if you’re not accepted into an API program, or if your program is cancelled for any reason. It is not refundable if you don’t complete the application process or, upon acceptance, decide not to follow through with your program.

Would I get a discount if I participated in another API program?

Students who elect to complete a second (or third or fourth!) session with API, either in their original host city or in another site, will receive a 5% discount on the subsequent session’s program cost. API also offers a sibling discount of $100 for siblings who study abroad at the same time with API or during separate sessions.

Does API issue 1098T forms so that I can report my API payments on my tax return?

Because API is not a Title IV institution, we do not issue 1098T forms. However, when requested, we will provide you with a billing statement showing the payments you’ve made to API, as well as a price breakdown of your program. You should take these documents to a tax professional to find out what portion of your API program cost is tax deductible.