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Discovering Croatia

This post is from our official student blogger, Sarah Al-Arshani. Sarah is from the University of Connecticut, and is a Communications and Journalism Major studying in Dubrovnik, Croatia. When I signed up to spend a semester in Dubrovnik, no one told me I would be living right by a movie set. Every day as I [...]

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API Community Leadership Program

Students in the 21st century are expected to graduate with a variety of skills that go beyond disciplinary knowledge.  Adaptability, cultural empathy, tolerance for ambiguity, strong intercultural communication skills, a collaborative work ethic, and intellectual curiosity are all valued in the complex landscape of international relations and global business.

Our “Community Leadership” program offers students the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills in the context of a new culture, preparing them for future professional roles.  In addition to the rich experience of study abroad, these students will benefit from an added dimension by serving as facilitators between their peers and the host culture.  They will be responsible for exploring Spanish culture, motivating their fellow students to engage in local life, and organizing opportunities for group reflection on cultural similarities and differences.

API Community Leaders

Photo of Kristen MacNeil
Kristen MacNeil

Kristen is a sophomore nursing major at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. In high school, Kristen had the opportunity to travel to Spain and instantly fell in love with the culture! It has been her dream to travel back and learn more not only about the culture but also the language. Food is a big part of the culture in Spain and Kristen hopes to help other students discover the many savory flavors Spain has to offer with the Foodies club!

Photo of Alexandra Nelson
Alexandra Nelson

Alexandra is a junior at Castleton University in Vermont, studying Psychology and Spanish. She hasn’t been to many states in the U.S. and this will be her first time in a new country. Though she hasn’t traveled to many places, she has gone far on her bike. After years of wanting to participate in a 90-mile bike ride that raises awareness for missing children, she finally reached her goal in 2014. Going to Spain has also been a long sought after goal for Alexandra as well, and she is excited that it has finally become a reality. She is looking forward to fulfilling her role as a Community Leader, learning about a new culture, and traveling as much as possible during her semester abroad.

Photo of Madeline (MeMe) Woods
Madeline (MeMe) Woods

MeMe is a junior who studies at the University of South Carolina and is a Psychology major with a Counseling minor, and plans of becoming a counseling psychologist. MeMe is in Spain to improve her cultural awareness, expand on her Spanish, and visit her Navy brother while studying abroad. She loves helping others try new things and feel comfortable about themselves, which is why she runs the Dance Club, to advocate dancing to enjoy it, even if you think you aren’t good (we’re all learning!)