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Interview with Joan Solaún.

API Institutional Relations team member, Emily Nagle had the opportunity to interview API’s Director of Caribbean and Latin American Programming, Joan Solaún. Joan was recently honored with the NAFSA International Education Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field in honor of Marita Houlihan.  “Given Joan Solaún’s warm, vibrant character, it is no surprise that her passion for [...]

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Maximize your education abroad experience by earning digital badges that showcase your time abroad! Badges are an opportunity to show your college or university, potential employers, and your community how you made the most of your experience abroad.

  • Want to get to know more about your host country and culture by exploring, observing, and reflecting on things you notice? Earn the Intercultural Learning badge.
  • Want to get involved in your host city through volunteering, joining a local organization, or playing sports for a neighborhood team? Earn the Community Engagement Badge.
  • We know you want to experience as much as you can during your time abroad — why not do so while earning the Mindful Travel badge? Showcase your successful travel skills and exploring expertise.
  • Want to organize a foodie event or gather your peers for a night out to a music or dance show? Plan a student-led group activity and earn the Leadership Badge.
  • Have professional goals for your experience and ideas for all the ways you’re going to incorporate what you learn abroad into your future professional life? Earn the Career Development Badge.

Interested? Download our full program description here.

You’re always welcome to email badges@apiabroad.com with any questions!

API encourages summer 2018 students interning in Argentina and Chile to sign up for the badge program HERE!


API encourages ALL PARTICIPANTS attending Fall 2018 study, intern, teach, work, or volunteer abroad programs to sign up for the badge program HERE!



As an organization, API believes that the following goals are central to our work and seeks to maximize the impact the experience of studying, interning, teaching, or volunteering abroad has on each participant.  The learning goals of the API Learning and Engagement Badge Program are reflected in the five API Badges, which include:

Career Development:

The learner who earns this badge will display dedicated action toward integrating their international experience into their future career and professional trajectory.  The learner will be familiar with their individual outcomes of international experience and how those outcomes strengthen their career preparedness and complement their skill set.



Community Engagement:

The learner who earns this badge will display commitment toward proactive and meaningful engagement with their immediate community, whether at home or abroad.



Intercultural Learning:

The learner who earns this badge will display an active interest in learning about the host culture and international environment in diverse ways.  The learner will apply cultural knowledge to more successfully navigate international environments.




The learner who earns this badge will display the core tenets of successful leadership, including the ability to successfully connect, collaborate, advocate, and integrate their international experience and newfound intercultural knowledge into their personal leadership philosophy.



Mindful Travel:

The learner who earns this badge will display an intentional approach to international travel, including an awareness of safe travel practices, budgeting and financial implications of travel, and the responsibility of sustainable travel.