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City and Academic Overview

Study Abroad in Cádiz

The Universidad de Cádiz traditionally belonged to the University of Western Andalusia, centralized within the Rectorado of Seville. It gained its independence and became the Universidad de Cádiz in the early 1980s. The University has been welcoming international students for almost 50 years. The foreign language department continues to expand and attract more and more international students each year. The main branch of the three-campus university system is located in Cádiz. Students who choose to study abroad in Cádiz can enjoy the feel of this modern campus, which still retains the old world charm of this fascinating city.

City Information

Population: 120,000

Cádiz, founded in approximately 1,100 B.C., is the oldest city in Europe. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, Cádiz is only accessible by the “Puerta de Tierra,” a strip of land that once served as protection from invasion, and now serves as the only entrance into the city. Though many ancient ruins are now covered by the ocean or modern construction, the rich history of Cádiz is evident everywhere. Monuments, cathedrals, palaces, mansions and homes have been restored to add to the modern beauty of the city. Visitors delight in the Catedral Vieja, Catedral Nueva, the Museo Provincial and the Museo Histórico. Cádiz is known for its charm, great seafood, relaxed atmosphere, clean air and warm southern Spanish hospitality. API students can see why people settled here centuries ago, and why they come today to “step back in time” to experience a true southern Spanish lifestyle.

Each student’s Spanish language proficiency will improve as they settle into the welcoming and open atmosphere of the city of Cádiz. By living with a family and experiencing life in Cádiz, API students have abundant opportunities to use and improve their language skills while learning about life in this historic European city.

API Students on Cádiz

Why Cádiz

  • Hidden jewel
  • Few American students
  • Six miles of some of the cleanest beaches in Europe
  • Arabic studies
  • The bay, the light and the ocean breeze
  • One of best fish markets in Spain
  • Flamenco
  • The sunsets by the lighthouse
  • Unique combination of a very open port city with one of the oldest civilizations in Europe (Andalusia)