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API students in Bilbao live with host families with wireless internet included.

Students who live with families generally have their own room, but may share a double room with a fellow API student, and are provided with three meals per day and laundry service. Families provide an amazing opportunity to experience Spanish culture firsthand. Host families serve as a unique introduction into Spanish culture, and may be made up of a married couple with children, a divorced or widowed woman with children still at home, or a family with some members living at home and others living outside the home. Students can opt for a single room for an additional fee.

***The apartment option can only be offered if requested by a minium of 3 students of the same gender. When there is insufficient interest in this housing option, students are placed with host families.***

Student apartments require more independence and provide less cultural interaction with Spaniards, although other apartments in the building are often rented or owned by Spanish families. Each apartment can generally accommodate 3-4 people. The majority of the rooms in student apartments are double rooms. However, based on availability, some students may be assigned to a single room on a first-come, first served basis. Students are responsible for buying and preparing all of their own meals, and kitchens are furnished with the necessary cookware to do so. Sheets and blankets are also provided.

Bilbao Housing