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Course Offerings


  • Classes taught in English
  • A unique opportunity for students to earn academic credit while participating in an archaeological excavation
  • Program cost includes the following: travel connected with course-related activities; bag lunch provided while on-site at the dig; weekly cultural activity
  • Transcript from U.S. accredited institution (Marist College)


  • Minimum 2.8 G.P.A.
  • Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Completed API application
  • University contact information form
  • One letter of recommendation
  • One official transcript
  • Entry requirement: valid passport

Dates & Fees

SUMMER 2 2018
Jun 27, 2018 - Jul 27, 2018


SUMMER 2 2018
Apr 1, 2018
Apr 15, 2018

Course Offerings

Please contact your API Program Manager for course syllabi for this program.


Welcome to the Tuscania course schedules page.

In the link below, be sure to check for any course additions, cancellations, or closures, and remember to pay close attention to prerequisites and class times in order to avoid conflicts.Not all courses are offered every session. The course selection may vary and no course is guaranteed. Some courses may require additional fees for labs, equipment, etc. These fees are not included in the program cost.

When obtaining pre-approval for course selections, students should refer to the Marist College course codes and titles, as these will appear on the transcript. If you have any questions while looking at the course schedule or filling out your application, please call the API office at (800) 844-4124.


NOTE: Only the Tuscania Field School is available at this time through API.

LdM course schedules – click this link, scroll to the city and term you are interested in.

(Tuscania Archaeology Field School is a 6-credit course option on this list. Jordan option is not available to API students at this time.)


The course aims at supplying both a chronological and diachronic approach to the study of the Etruscan civilization with special emphasis on field work at a nearby Etruscan archaeological site, currently in phase four of its exploration, where participants will meet and work with students from the University of Florence. Students will earn 3-6 credits in anthropology or archaeology. Classroom lectures are held in addition to the onsite fieldwork. Topics include:

  • The origins of the Etruscans: the birth and expansion of the Etruscan peoples.
  • Theories, methods and practice in archaeology.
  • Analysis of historical and archaeological sources as means for reconstructing the past.
  • Etruscan architecture and sacred space.
  • Etruscan social and political organization and religion.
  • Discussion of tomb paintings, ceramics, household implements.
  • Preserving the Etruscans artifacts.
  • Techniques, with examples of fieldwork carried out both in Tuscania and in the rest of Italy.