Study Abroad in Tuscania
City and Academic Overview

Study Abroad in Tuscania

API students have the opportunity to study abroad in Tuscania at Lorenzo de’ Medici – The Italian International Institute in Tuscania (LdM). Founded in 1973 in Florence, LdM is committed to helping students realize their potential, providing high quality education that enables students to interact successfully with other cultures. Lorenzo de’ Medici opened in Tuscania in 2004, an ideal city and place to inspire the creative, intellectual and personal development of each student. The school is situated in the old town center within the stone medieval walls. This building has recently been remodeled to feature modern, light-filled studios and classrooms. API students are engaged in the study of the humanities, social sciences, studio arts, media studies and Italian language with other committed students who seek to learn and to explore Italy in a comprehensive way. API invites students to discover the essence of Italy while studying and living in beautiful and historic Tuscania.

City Information

Population: 8,500

Tuscania is a small, idyllic Italian town located ninety minutes north of Rome on the border of Lazio and Tuscany. Tuscania has been admired for centuries for its picturesque setting, fine culture and foods, medieval walls, and cobblestoned streets. Surrounded by medieval walls and guard towers, Tuscania provides endless opportunities for authentic cultural immersion. Some of the most beautiful churches in Italy are in Tuscania, including the stunning San Pietro and the magnificent Santa Maria Maggiore. Tuscania is an ideal combination between the present and past. It is not uncommon to find a medieval section of wall in the wine cellar of a modern restaurant or an Etruscan tomb used as the basement storage area of an apartment. The strong connection of the locals to their traditions, history and folklore greatly influences the unique nature of the town.

Why Tuscania?

  • Experience authentic Italy at its best
  • Be one of only a handful of foreigners in the town
  • Exceptional opportunities for cultural immersion
  • Study within medieval town walls
  • Walking distance to everything
  • only 20 minutes away from the Mediterranean Sea
  • Ancient city embracing modern culture and art
  • One of the richest collections of Etruscan necropoli and archaeological excavations
  • Historic center of the Tuscania Nature Reserve