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Academic Programs

Lorenzo de Medici


Traveling Study Abroad

Students spend one month on a traveling study abroad program by starting in Tuscania, followed by one month in Rome. Students then complete the experience in either Florence or Venice depending on which semester they choose. Students complete a structured and integrated program of five 3-credit courses, which focus on interesting issues that intersect with the broader experience of Italy.

3 Cities

The Three Cities program immerses students in three different Italian cities during a single semester. Tuscania, Rome and Florence/Venice each have a distinctive urban character, historical and artistic heritage, and role in today’s Italy. Three Cities students come away with unique and rewarding insights into a remarkable, diverse, and complex society and culture.



Why 3 Cities?

  • Experience small, medium and large Italian cities
  • Perfect for history, liberal arts, humanities and language students
  • Travelling program
  • Explore 3 distinctly different Italian destinations
  • Retrace the steps of antiquity
  • Small classes/individualized attention
  • 3 study abroad programs in one!