Study Abroad in San Joaquin de Flores | API Study Abroad
City and Academic Overview

Study Abroad in San Joaquín de Flores

API students who study abroad in San Joaquín de Flores with API will take classes at The Instituto San Joaquín de Flores. The Instituto San Joaquín de Flores affords students in both semester and summer programs the ability to take courses taught by Costa Rican faculty from local universities. All coursework has been specifically designed for American students with the goal of maximizing their linguistic and cultural exposure. The location of the Instituto takes advantage of the beautiful natural environment, with picturesque views of distant mountains and volcanoes. Small class sizes and attentive professors, combined with the incredible beauty and tranquility of the grounds of the Instituto, create an unparalleled environment for learning. Transcripts for courses completed at the Instituto are issued by U.S.-accredited Fairfield University.

Students choosing to participate in the API service-learning program in San Joaquín de Flores will divide their time between volunteering at local projects and completing online coursework. Transcripts for the service-learning course are issued by U.S.-accredited Siena College.

City Information

San Joaquín de Flores is a charming, colorful and quaint colonial town located ten miles from San José. It is surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of Costa Rica. The small setting and slower pace of life allow for exceptional opportunities for linguistic and cultural integration. Leisurely strolls through the streets lead to encounters with friendly people, young and old. Everything can be reached on foot and along the way students can visit historic landmarks and buildings from the 18th century. It is easy to explore the Costa Rican flora and fauna outside of San Joaquín de Flores. Costa Rica boasts thirteen national parks and six biological preserves where an amazing number of species of plants, animals, birds and butterflies can be observed. API students have the opportunity to explore volcanoes, beaches, rain and cloud forests. Explore endless opportunities and discover the culture, beauty and history of San Joaquín de Flores and Costa Rica.

Why San Joaquín de Flores?

  • Bustling town located 10 miles from San José
  • Walking distance to almost everything in the city
  • Only 20 minutes from San José
  • 90 minutes to beautiful beaches
  • 40 minutes to National Parks