STEM Internships

STEM Internships

STEM majors can find it more challenging to study abroad. However, a STEM internship can provide a great alternative allowing you to gain valuable practical hands on experience and cultural immersion at the same time. STEM grads can benefit by having international experience in this global economy. Added bonus—STEM students also have access to a number of scholarship opportunities not available to other majors as well! Example intern duties might include monitoring, research, data collection, lab work, data analysis, teaching, and more.

Common Internships:

  • Biology
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Structural Engineering
  • Research
  • Website Development

Our customized internship program will give you the unique opportunity to begin to explore and cultivate your future career through a high-quality internship experience abroad.  Our internship program is comprehensive and includes all of the key services and support to enhance your experience. We will help you through every step of the process from the application stage to your return home. Your first step toward this once in a lifetime opportunity is to complete an application.

Students applying for STEM-related placements are very likely to be placed in a research-based internship.  Research placements are strong opportunities to learn about cutting-edge technologies before they are put into commercial practice, and are also ideal for boosting graduate school applications.

All STEM placements must be a minimum of 8 weeks, and in some cases may need to be longer.

Note that many employers will only accept interns who demonstrate at least two years of completed university-level coursework (sophomore status or higher) and a 3.0 GPA.

Sample Placements:

Barcelona, Spain
Neuroscience Internship

The company specializes in robotics and neuroscience research to produce facial recognition software that analyzes people’s emotions through the use of a simple webcam. The software can be used for health purposes, interview, or marketing and how a person responds to a situation. Internship responsibilities include programming functional languages like javascript, Code HTML, and CSS following BEM style practices.

Dublin, Ireland
Geographic Information Science Internship

The All-Island Research Observatory (AIRO) is working in collaboration with the Central Statistics Office (CSO) on the release of the results from Census 2016 in Ireland over the summer months. As part of this collaboration, AIRO develops a series of new mapping toolkits for use by planners, policy makers and the general public. AIRO is also undertaking a number of funded research projects using the results from Census 2016 that will feed into new policy documents by local authorities across Ireland.  Our intern worked with the AIRO project team to develop toolkits and gain experience working with a variety of GIS web mapping tools (ArcGIS, Instant Atlas, etc.), as well as being responsible for the development of new map templates using the Adobe Creative Suite.  The intern gained experience in team meetings (internal and with clients) as well as with data cleaning and preparation for integration within GIS.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Robotics Internship

This internship is with a young high tech startup that offers integrated solutions to manufacturing value chains. Their focus is on providing customized solutions to manufacturing firms based in three main technological pillars: robotics, artificial vision, and advanced manufacturing. Interns may participate in the development process of a new AGV (Automatic Guided Robot) for an automobile company, or they may use SolidWorks software to design structures and metallic pieces for a project with multinational corporations. The intern is expected to show a strong willingness to learn and be ready to share knowledge and insights in brainstorming sessions.

London, England
Mechanical Engineering Internship

This organization is responsible for engineering design, sustainable design, and manufacturing.  In partnership with a local university, this organization is the only national trade association for companies that manufacture, supply and install associated motor and control systems. Solar shading is increasingly being used to effectively control the internal environment of buildings by helping to reduce heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. This internship will include working with the company and faculty supervisors in a partnership of knowledge transfer, looking at energy and heating in a building, considering consumption rates in high rises in London.

Sydney, Australia
Mechanical Engineering Internship

This organization designs safe and suitable transportation solutions with a strong focus on those who are challenged with mobility, children and vehicle owners. The internship placement duties include CAD drawing, standard analysis, vehicle inspections, and engineering report preparation.

Auckland, New Zealand
Civil Engineering Internship

This company develops a cladding support system that when combined with a flat sheet product provides a weathertight drained and ventilated cavity system. The intern will assist with CAD-focused assignments and other 3D drawings, related design tasks and other office work.

London, England
Mechanical Engineering Internship

The placement includes a combination of responsibilities to support the team in renewable energy, and in particular,  the design of small and large composite blades for wind turbine generators. The intern will also receive exposure to the development of the crack propagation model known as the cohesive zone model (CZM), which is a modeling technique that is becoming a standard feature of many advanced commercial FEA software such as ABAQUS and ANSYS.  Additional projects in composites will be assigned based on the project timeline and process understanding.