Intern Abroad in New Zealand

Welcome to New Zealand!

New Zealand is known for its gorgeous landscapes that have served as the backdrop for numerous films such as the Lord of the Rings series, and it is a top destination for outdoor adventurers with its majestic mountain ranges, rivers, and miles and miles of coastline.  Come intern abroad in New Zealand and experience this amazing country with API!

Why Intern in Auckland, New Zealand?

  • World’s 3rd highest quality of living
  • Largest city in New Zealand
  • Known as the “City of Sails”
  • Over 100 miles of pristine beaches

City Information – Auckland

Located on the northwestern tip of the North Island, Auckland (population 1.5 million) is the largest city in New Zealand, and home to an eclectic population of Europeans and Pacific Islanders. Known as the “City of Sails” for the abundance of boats in its harbor, the metropolitan area features over 100 miles of coastline. Come intern abroad with API in Auckland and see for yourself why the city is consistently rated one of the world’s most livable cities!

Why Intern in Wellington, New Zealand?

  • New Zealand’s capital city
  • Often compared to Seattle or Portland
  • Cultural heart of New Zealand
  • Charm of European city with New Zealand nature

City Information – Wellington

Wellington (population 450,000), is located on the southern tip of the North Island and is New Zealand’s capital city. Considered New Zealand’s cultural heart, Wellington features many museums, live music venues, theaters, and art festivals. Wellington is also a leading center for creative industries such as film and computer technologies. Often compared to U.S. cities such as Seattle and Portland due to its climate and culture, Wellington has all of the charm of a smaller European city with the beauty of New Zealand’s flora and fauna. True to the island spirit, Wellington’s residents take advantage of the close access to the sea – almost all of the city’s population lives within 2 miles of the coastline. Come intern abroad with API in Wellington!