Work Abroad with API


Why work abroad?

API offers work placements, which are initially unpaid positions living and working on family-owned organic farms or ranches for 2 – 8 weeks. If you’ve already graduated university, and wish to spend longer in Australia or New Zealand, you are provided extensive resources and training upon arrival to help you transition from this program into a full-time paid work opportunity and remain in-country for up to 10 additional months on a Working Holiday visa! Paid positions are available in just about every field. If you can’t choose between living and working in Australia and New Zealand, no problem! You just need to arrange at least the first 2 weeks in either location and our local staff will help you plan for the rest of the year.

These opportunities allow you to live abroad and experience the local culture as more than a tourist. By working abroad, you can cultivate real-world experience and form lasting relationships and connections, all while exploring exciting new places.

API will provide you with the support and security you need to successfully plan your work abroad adventure!

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