Teach, volunteer or work abroad with API

Why participate in a Teach, Work or Volunteer Program?

Many of our participants have studied and traveled abroad before, and are looking for an opportunity to embark on a new adventure!

Although it’s always fun to visit a country as a tourist, traveling abroad to teach, work or volunteer often holds a deeper meaning for our participants. Your experience is purpose-driven, and enables you to contribute to the local community, while at the same time enjoying many benefits:

  • broadening your perspective through cultural immersion
  • building personal relationships
  • increasing language proficiency
  • developing professional or technical skills
  • enhancing your resume with a unique experience
  • forming professional connections and networking
  • improving “soft skills” 
(adaptability, communication skills, conflict management, creativity, critical thinking, empathy, independence, leadership, organization, patience, persistence, problem-solving, public speaking, storytelling, taking initiative, time management, etc.)

We are all life-long learners – step out of your comfortable home environment and explore a new part of the world!

Why go abroad with API?


API’s staff has traveled extensively through five continents in over 25 countries – teaching, working, volunteering, studying, backpacking, and managing travel groups. Our knowledge and understanding of where to go, what to do, and how to do it will prepare you for your adventure abroad.


API assures high-quality, English-speaking, local support in each country and on every program. In addition to our quality programs, we provide comprehensive medical insurance (including medical evacuation and repatriation), as well as guidance in securing international transportation, hotel arrangements, visas, immunizations, and more.


API offers a wide range of experiential and educational programs for individuals and groups of all ages. If you would like to teach, work, volunteer or participate in a group trip, we have a program for you! We will assist you in identifying a program to fit your schedule, budget, interests, needs, and passions.


API keeps program fees low, despite offering more immersive opportunities and including more support services than most other organizations. Some of our teach programs do not even have a program fee – just a small application fee.


All API alumni (college study, high school study, intern or experiential programs) will receive a 5% program discount on any teach/volunteer/work API program that they select!

Giving Back

API knows that your adventures abroad wouldn’t be possible without generous hosts welcoming you on your arrival and supporting you throughout your stay. As a way to give back to communities around the world, we want to wrap up your experience and honor your commitment by paying it forward. All participants who respond to our series of program reflection questionnaires will receive a completion bonus from an organization whose mission resonates with our own, and this will, in turn, provide a product or service for someone in need. Choose between a Krama Wheel scarf or a gift card to one of three socially responsible companies.


Krama Wheel – with every product purchased, one weaver is paid fairly, treated respectfully, and better able to support her family; one local seamstress is paid to sew a school uniform, and one child gets a uniform so he or she can attend school.

Krama Wheel’s founder is former API employee API’s Roni Sivan! Read about her journey here.