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Hometown: Kansas City. Destination: Florence.

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri. Destination: Florence, Italy. Daily anxieties before departure included: constantly being alone, paranoid, and lost. So far, the only truth to my previous fears is that I don’t know where I’m going most of the time. I began blog after blog trying to sum up these past three weeks, but I realized [...]

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Academic Programs International, API, is an educational organization dedicated to providing challenging and enriching study abroad programs for our students. The experience of living, interacting and learning in an international environment presents invaluable opportunities for each student’s academic and personal development. All of our academic and extracurricular offerings are selected with the goal of helping students to grow more self-aware and culturally sensitive. We envision each student evolving from a tourist to a resident to a global citizen, and API is dedicated to supporting this lifelong process. API is committed to providing the best comprehensive study abroad experience possible with personal attention available to our students throughout his or her program, and to working closely with home universities to offer support before, during and after the education abroad experience.

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